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Jun. 26th, 2010 | 08:15 pm

Although livejournal and I have had a beautiful, long and interesting relationship, it's now time to say goodbye. I've had this journal since 2001 and as such it is filled with whiny, self-obsessed personal entries about my life. Blogging used to be about this kind of thing, but now it's about having a speciality, a niche, if you will, and a brand. None of which I have.

So, my friends, this journal is finished - I printed it into three books and they sit on my bookshelf now, happily, and all previous entries have disappeared from the public eye! I will probably keep the account so I can read other journals, because even if I am slowly committing internet suicide I do care about my friends.

If you're looking for me professionally, here are the things I do.

Writing. I write for and sub edit ymi magazine. I am a freelance journalist and open minded, but also busy. www.ymi.com.au

Photography. If you're a band, I'll happily shoot you. If you like my work, and are interested in publishing it, that would be nice too. www.flickr.com/photos/meeli

Tutoring. I do HSC and high school tutoring for English. I also run a blog with resources: www.hschelp.wordpress.com

You can email me at meeli.jane [at] gmail.com.